When it started…there was no need for it everything that happened came naturally…without explanations or reasons or anything valid We did not start for anything.. we just started…just like that….knowing when we would return Now we are at that point where everything we do needs a reason to take the next big step you need…


It feels amazing to be an outsider Maybe for the acknowledgement I should eat more and become wider I can wear the same sweater 5 days in a row and no one will care I will dig my nose and scratch my butt and no one will stare I will talk like Martin Luther King…

a brand new house

I will rest in peace In the pieces you left behind My heart is shattered to be lived in So I will keep you in my mind


I need to be somewhere else right now I would rather be on your mind I don’t want to be ”I” anymore I want to be the one you call ”mine”

sharp questions

An albino lion is known for its rareness for how beautiful it is it’s disease is made invisible by visual pleasure An albino elephant is considered lucky for its uniqueness you don’t get to see it everyday it is so extravagant people do not believe it exists An almost albino little boy is abandoned by…

wild flowers

They said cracks are faulted they forgot that’s where wild flowers grow