It feels amazing to be an outsider Maybe for the acknowledgement I should eat more and become wider I can wear the same sweater 5 days in a row and no one will care I will dig my nose and scratch my butt and no one will stare I will talk like Martin Luther King…

I want my money back

Metaphor and Equator have nothing in common except for the ”or” in the end Being a coward and Being you has nothing in common except the fact that you both pretend

a brand new house

I will rest in peace In the pieces you left behind My heart is shattered to be lived in So I will keep you in my mind

Young and Naive

”You need to start valuing gold and silver You don’t know what it is worth” when I was young gold came inside purple silver came inside red I did not care how much green it was ”worth” I just cared how it made me feel I would hate to share it  who would Taste happiness…