Letter one : to my eight year old self.

Everyone says Dhadkan is Sunil Shetty’s best movie because of how well he acted but no darling you are right about Hera Pheri being the best of his movies to ever release.Do not worry about not fitting into conversations for not seeing the world the same way everyone does.I know you want to marry Hritik…

simple things .

I always wondered how your hands would feel like on mine You were always the one but we were separated by time And when that moment arrived just like every moment does I was perplexed by you, a magical moment it was I was flying and falling and free and fucked up at the same…


We would I would You wouldn’t that is why we did not.

makeup remover

I am the winter brittle and cold I do not feel I do not break No one can hurt me No one can rate me I am tough and strong Then you happened….. You…. my warmth spread over me melting all that is hard how can something soft break? I do not need to pretend…

Sepia toned loving

List of thingsĀ  that do not matter The fact that she was yours The fact that you were hers her weight her dressing sense her tangled hair her disfigured face List of things that matter Your smile when you were holding her