They said pots and pans were all that could define my potential little did they know their words were prisons that locked me away from my progress I was less than a person More than a caged parrot their actions pricked me like pins their limits made me powerless little did they know all this…


It feels amazing to be an outsider Maybe for the acknowledgement I should eat more and become wider I can wear the same sweater 5 days in a row and no one will care I will dig my nose and scratch my butt and no one will stare I will talk like Martin Luther King…


We would I would You wouldn’t that is why we did not.

You changed everything

I grew up believing I was a thorn Until you touched me… You made it possible for me to bloom

a brand new house

I will rest in peace In the pieces you left behind My heart is shattered to be lived in So I will keep you in my mind

whats there in a face

I see you fix your face in your pocket mirror small and round I see more of you than what you see there I see what you bring to this ground Don’t hide the darkness in your eyes How will the man with the light know you need him? The only thing that needs to…