I can’t give this                                                                      I won’t give this                          …

Letter one : to my eight year old self.

Everyone says Dhadkan is Sunil Shetty’s best movie because of how well he acted but no darling you are right about Hera Pheri being the best of his movies to ever release.Do not worry about not fitting into conversations for not seeing the world the same way everyone does.I know you want to marry Hritik…

Why you should read Eleanor and Park

Rainbow Rowell has touched my heart in such a way that I shall be feeling in my heart forever.I knooooooooooooooow I should already be NOT be reading from the young adult section but then I did not get to read much when I was younger so if you are here to judge keep that to…


We would I would You wouldn’t that is why we did not.

Take care

I did not look for reasons when it began I did not look at seasons to change  The  sad part is You did not look for reasons when it ended You ended it just like that