An article for you

Well this is awkward.

I write when I am bleh and it seems I am bleh most of the times….but you know when I reach the height of ‘blehness’?

When you ask me to clean my room.

Like yes I am aware of the fact that when other people see my room they might be taken aback by the clutter of stationery and the heaps of books.

They might not even fancy my untidy closet and my messy study desk. Of course they will be astonished at how clean my face looks disregarding how I organise my cosmetics.They might not like the fact that the only comfortable sofa I have in my room is filled with clothes I am lazy to fold,my teddy bear and also might have crumbles of the chocolates I eat while binge reading.(There might be small pieces of  kurkure too  you may eat it if you find it,I discovered that during the winter the kurkure stick is still crunchy even if left unpacked.)

But well,this room is mine,so god damn mine that I pasted  the ‘I LOVE ST.MARY’S’ sticker that I HAD to buy when I was in grade 8 while my school celebrated the golden jubilee.I wanted the world to know that I had to buy that damn sticker because of a Nepali teacher I feared. The thing I want them to know more than that is this room is mine.None else in the family went to that convent anyways.

I have rarely had fucks to give about how other people perceive my room because well I am there alone and I LOVE IT.Everything portrays how I feel to be honest.

Let me give you a technical explanation of why my room is so messy.

I do not organise my books in a shelf but put it near the windows in my bedroom because I like to see books by the window first thing in the morning.It gives me hope you see.To see sun kissed books by the window is something magical,makes me feel someday I am going to write books like that.

The reason my cosmetics are cluttered is because most of the times I am figuring out how to use them .I get bored via the process sometimes and just leave them in the middle of everything because that is what they do to me.I am not sure if I should be hiding my pimple or celebrating them.I recently discovered concealers but well they are pretty useless….it does not hide anything….it has not even hid my disappointment on my face after buying that expensive piece of shit.(Maybe expensive makeup will do the shit)

I do not like organizing my stationery because why would I?I might need them in the living room or my study corner or my bedroom,or my walk in closet or even my bathroom.That is the reason you find them everywhere and sometimes step on them.(I know it hurts sorry!)I do not know when what how things will inspire me…so I need to be prepared anytime with my stationery for they are my only weapons.

As for my closet….ermmm you see I am pretty indecisive about how I should look.I love dressing up but usually the attire I plan the day before is not the one that I will wear,that is always the case.So there is no need to plan what to wear the day before because I am freaking not going to wear them.So I just try and mess up all the organised clothes because I do not have time to organise them.I will mess them up anyways.Why waste 55 mins on organising and re-organising things that will end up being a mess anyways.I would rather be productive and day dream.

Now what else….about the sofa and my soft toys scattered….I like to remind myself that I am still a child.Some of my dresses smell like him so I like to put them on  my sofa to breathe in perfume while i read.I know this sounds creepy as fuck but I am just in love …I am way less creepy than Edward Cullen.I just like how my boyfreind smells.That is all.

What is the use of showing myself as someone organised and figured out when I am lost myself?

Sometimes I do not even make my bed  for there are days when I do not know what my dreams are.I do not open the curtains because what is the use of light from outside when I feel dark?

I do not fancy wiping the mirror because I sometimes have unclear pictures of myself in my head….what is the use of seeing reflections when you can’t even actualise yourself?

So yeah….I am a mess myself so I do not mind my environment being messy.I know where what is and I know how to reach out for things.Things are kind of arranged according to my convenience so yeah my room is not messy.

It just reflects the kind of human I am.

Cosy,unorganised,welcoming and …well I will leave it up to people who have to see my room to decide.





DAY 21 (21 letters to whom it may concern 21-21)

TO :The One Reading

Dear Friend

Thankyou for being my tree.

Tree as in someone who gives me shades in the scorching sun,makes it rain on hot summer days,and last but most importantly gives me fresh air to breathe.

Tree as in someone who does not judge me for what I think and listens to what I have to see,who accepts hugs and accepts emotions as if they were your own.

Thank-you for not giving up on me and reading all that I write.

I was someone who wrote since as long as I can remember,but then I never really kept them safe,I always lost them or threw them away because writing was just an escape from reality for me back then…

But read all that I write and post…now writing is my reality….thanks to you :)…my writings are safe in your heart…I don’t know if there is any place else I consider safer.

You made me from a nobody who would scribble and doodle random stuff on her notebook to someone who BLOGS!


I feel less strange now because now I know that my thoughts are not that UNUSUAL to not be accept them as if they are your own and sometimes share it with your freinds..thankyou!

It seems like you have touched my life in such a way that I feel beautiful..important …and cool all at the same time…not the BEAUTY QUEEN beautiful but the..long sighs nothing can take this away from me beautiful…not the documents important but the silent time pass that saves the day important and not the ermagad such a cool guitarist cool but then  yeah this one is genuine cool…thankyou 🙂


Since the 21 letters to whom it may concern has come to an end..I would like to thankyou for being my consistent reader…I will start another project soon …I hope to live in you..till I die

Most importantly Thank-you for being my friend…for letting me in your life…

I love you


thankyou for being my blessing

may the force be with you












TO : To the city that replaced my fear with faith.


You always have been famous as the city of life,I thought it was because you were always so busy and crowed with people or maybe because you never slept and always had a party going on in some corner…but things are not always what they seem.

Let me start with what I thought I lost when I was new in you

So that I can actually tell you what you mean to me. That way I can thankyou with the utmost level of sincerity and people will know that you are more than just your name.

I was scared as a lost puppy in a thunderstorm,

I did not know what life was going to be  like in a place where I did not know the language.

A place with a different God.

I did not know what to do,I even considered going back in the first few days because of my nose bleeds,it was intense.

.I had never been away from home,from safety ,from love ….

I was not used to crossing the road HUGE buildings and so much of crowds   I was someone who did not even go to dentists because I hated the smell of hospitals and clinics.I was  someone who would read Gayatri mantra everyday  in the morning so that the day would go well….had this habit of waking up at 5:00am when people actually went to bed.

I did not know how to be COOL because most of the times I was happy watching Shahrukh Khan movies ,my standards of entertainment were so low,I never actually got bored even if I was just inside the dorms and did not understand how people got bored so easily.


I felt so out of place,I could not carry off dresses like the girls did here,I was not used to heels so much,I did not drink at all and I was one of those who was against smoking. I was  fascinated with books and stationery and did not even know the IMPORTANCE of brands,my mother never taught me to understand the value of brands..she just told me to use expensive things after I start earning and that there was no need to buy things just because it was branded.The only EXPENSIVE taste I had was on perfume because they were a weakness (or strength I could not control).

I did not get the concept of ‘becoming light and fair” I am more tanned than I was in Kathmandu because of you.


(I am still fascinated with books and customised stationery btw)

The one person I thought would never give up on me gave up on me when I was inside you.

I thought I would never deserve the truth because he thought so.

I thought I ended that day,that I would walk around as a corpse .

That day I forgot I was in the city of life….but you my dear friend always have your own time and things to remind people who forget.

I lost almost everything the day he walked away my faith in God,my faith in myself,the trust in truth…the only thing I had with me was dignity and little did I know that it was all that one needs to stand back up again,

The months I spent not talking to anyone,I just read,wrote and clicked photographs..survived on microwaved 7/11 food and had literally no human interaction even if I was inside a university with forty thousand plus students.

I was so fearful of the future this time,I was regretting the choices I made,I was hating my reflection,I was everything I never wanted to be…there was so much fear in me that I felt helpless like maybe I did not have a choice…and I hated that phase…so I created my own choice…I chose faith over fear and trusted in my guts,I tagged mistakes as lessons so that I learnt from them instead of feeling guilty,I fought with my own demons by not running away from them and just facing them even if I was dead scared….they thought I was strong…so they ran away 🙂

After forgiving myself for the mistakes I never made I thought now I should maybe start making freinds.

I tried everything to interact with people ,I  even experimented with the COOL COMPANY to maybe be accepted,

My sleeping pattern changed entirely,went to bed at 4 am instead of waking up at 5am.

I would watch closely people who were cool..smoking up and drinking..PARTYING…most of them were trying to forget things…were trying to release stress…were trying to enjoy…but I did not get the concept of waking up the next morning to the same life while pretending you lived in a different life the night before.

I did not get the concept of using alcohol as an excuse to bring out the true you..I mean I was always myself(sometimes too rude ,sometimes uncomfortably honest but yeah I can’t pretend to be someone else just because I am sober or drunk )

Maybe because I was so different it took a long time to make friends for me but FINALLY after I found my friends..or lets say after they found me..Rose,Swati,Ananya,Ekta,Amarin,Milosh,P’Noi,Best,Sid,Bianka, Ruqaya,Princess,Dayma and the Bhutanese girls (who make amazing kewa dashi) and everyone that I worked with I realised why I had to wait so long before I actually met all these  beautiful souls..because they were worth the wait…because they are FAMILY not just friends.

I learnt the value of freindship because of you Bangkok,and people said this is a materialistic place where money and being skinny speaks but then I am always broke and I am flabby and yet my freinds love me so much 🙂 (On your face whoever told me to loose weight to FIT IN)

I learnt  to pray without mantras in Bangkok,I learnt that I could pray anytime anywhere,just close my eyes and say a sincere thanks to God,or ask for forgiveness.I did not know about this in Nepal,I thought you had to go to a Temple,had to bow to a picture or a stone that was the Idea of God,But now I love God so much that I do not need things to remind me how he looks like.

I am not judgemental anymore I do not care where one comes from,I beleive in equal chances THANKYOU Bangkok.

I learnt the value of family and of not being related..of celebrating being poor and hogging on mama noodles as if they were a 5-star dish.I learnt to love and hug and smile at strangers.

Most importantly I learnt the value of loving myself and accepting myself,I learnt that I would be by my side no matter what and I would do everything with so much honesty that I would actually I would never feel guilty for the things I have done.

I got more than I could give you Siam…..I hope someday you read this and realise that you changed the definition of everything I thought I…family..everything! and you changed it in the best way possible (HUGSSSSSSS)

I finally found the one person who would never give up on me…myself

You make me want to believe in the future,to celebrate uncertainty to make friends with strangers

You really are the city of life for real

I know you won’t read this But you will feel this for sure…the gratitude..and love.

Thankyou for EVERYTHING

Thankyou for making a confident woman with multiple things as her identity

Thankyou for the achievements and so many first times.

Thankyou for making me celebrate life because I did not know how to do that before

for all the ups and downs for the lows and HIGHS for the love and not so much love..


with nothing but a sincere heartfelt Thankyou





Dear Birthday (burday)  Bwoiiiiiiii /bwaaaaiiiiii


HAPPYY BIRTHDAAAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you very much and I am sooo happy that FINALLY now you are in your legal age and you can do all that you were doing before today LEGALLY hehe.

First of all Prince of Punjab,thankyou for being this hilarious dirty minded bhai of mine who always does things to make things better for me.I feel sooo blessed to have you in my life.

You define Happiness in Bangkok for me,you also define good food,amazing movie choices,amazing choices on the menu,long drives,honey singh songs,”ek aur munda margaya brahmpton de vich” video (which I still have not watched).

You are one of the most chilled people I have ever met in my entire life..I wil always be thankful for one question that you asked me when I was panicking my ass off during the preparation of Statistics II exams,”Will this matter to you 5 years from now?”

Thankyou for being my ‘fake’ boyfriend to save me from creepy men,thankyou for saving me when situations got intense.I am so sorry you got into trouble because of me quiet a few times but hey I know you love me too baby :).

Things did not change between us even after the holidays and we played antakshari over facebook voice messages (ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT) I am so happy that I am freinds with one of the coolest sardars of the world,who is cool enough to carry off the class of a BMW classic car..(thankyou for letting me drive it almost bump it when you knew I did not know how to drive you awesome sauce trusting me with everything and what not)

Things we have done together always bring a smile to my face,I will never forget the first movie we watched..a terrible choice because it was man of steel I hated it and dreaded every moment of the movie..the only thing that saved the movie was the popcorn and the super comfy leather sofa haha( do not hate me for writing this publicly) but yeah man of steel sucked BIIIGGG TIMMEE for me I just tolerated that movie in the theatre for you bro!

Watching The Conjuring with you was probably one of the best decisions of my life I would redo it again if given a chance haha it was so fun reacting and watching your reaction.Thanks for flipped and that manager wala series I do not even remember the name but you know the Gupta one .

Thankyou for Alfred my very own butler minion,for the super cool Audrey’s date,for long drives for no reason when I was panicking,for the long phone calls to calm me down,for the love and the hugs and agreeing to take all the forced selfies haha.

I will never forget how shocked you were at desi beats,and how proud you were when I told you about the Book Contract,I still have your BMW watch I have kept it safe and will give it to you when I see you next.Thankyou for being such a sweetheart for opening up

For bitching about people I do not like with me,for being my support when I needed a backbone,For giggling with me in class and for UNDERSTANDING my needs(Oh god Carl’s junior Milkshake double at the same time while watching Despicable Me 2 haha  and you being like wait where does all the fat go in your body????)for getting in trouble in class by talking too much in the first bench and YET making noise with me in the next class…already knowing how EXPRESSIVE I get during the movies and yet taking me for more movies (aaawww cheek pull babu such a sweetheart)

Thankyou for being who you are,for being simple and being grounded…for knowing what is right and wrong..for not being too shy around me…for having a dirty mind that has changed some words forever…for reading my blog even when you are not into reading (which reminds me have you read perks of being a wallflower yet?)

I know you are going to make your parents proud,and you are a smart kid okay..somebody who studies so last moment and still gets a C is BRILLIANT actually 🙂

Just make sure you remain the same,Thankyou for being such a cool freind,for making me listen to all the UP BEAT music when I was low and listening to me sing and almost dance in your car haha

Thankyou so much for all the cool lunch dates and all those conversations,I almost made you healthy (almost).

I am proud of your progress and will watch the Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor movies when I get the time to.

Thankyou so much for being someone who does not care much about the past and is always about ‘you okay?’

Thankyou for fixing my phone I mean I know I am technologically disabled ,thankyou for being so patient.

I wish you nothing but happiness,I wish you nothing but betterment and I hope that the warmth inside you spreads all over and shows how much of a cool person you really are

Thankyou for the Englisss lessons and for not minding about the Foul Nepali language..for picking up Nepali as if you were born Nepali and for the Explainations of what Punjabi curses mean.Thankyou for pampering me so much

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee Ammu 🙂 You are an Adult now


Loads of love

cheek pull

Beard messing





P.S-You still have to buy me the purple unicorn which is fluffy or else I curse you become a crow next life



TO : The one that loved me the most, was the first greeting when I was home,accepted me no matter who and what I am,and always listened.



I am sorry I was not there when you took your last breath,you must have looked for you always must have tried to stay a little longer hoping that I would come back but I was not aware of what you were going through,

I am sorry for being so lost in my own world,sometimes I forget about those who care for me and love me unconditionally when I am lost.

You always saved me from myself,listened to me when there was no one else .

Your big warm,non-judgemental eyes  answered all the questions  I was asking without words.You have taught me a lot of things

Minnie,thankyou for saving my pre-teenage and being my savior in my teenage.

After Mickey died I promised myself I would never love another dog again,I would never let anyone steal his place in my heart,that he would always be the best gift ever and that he would never die.

But that afternoon after school when my mother announced she had a surprise for me and I saw you,this little fur ball almost as big as a guinea pig who fit in my palm perfectly,I thought I could make a bit of adjustment.

You were just an exception since the moment I lay my eyes on you.

You taught me the biggest lessons of life,the lessons no one else could teach me,you taught me to accept love,and that when you fill the empty spaces that is left behind because of someone’s absence with love you do not replace the one who gave you the love but you just fill in the vacancy that was left behind.

People who are left behind need to live too and it is not wrong,that is not being weak. In a way it is being strong and making your heart bigger for more people to fit in.

You tiny little furball taught me to be strong.

Those teenage years when I was against the world and no-one made sense I would say all the things I want to change about the world and you would listen as if you understood,I would sneak you in to the roof and make you watch the stars,and you would not complain,you would just accompany me while I was dreaming,those days when noone was home and I pretended to be Aishwarya Rai and dance around,you were my only audience (thankyou for not complaining ),you would listen to me sing songs in my crappy voice,I did not care if anyone called or not since you were already my companion.

My parents were so mad at me for spoiling you,for giving you food that was on my plate ,that was not right they said..but you are my friend so yeah it is okay.

You were ”chucchi” to everyone else but me,you were so dramatic #mygosh I never knew any dog would do all the things that you did.

But you were not just any other dog ,you were MINIE,my best freind Rachu was jealous because of how much I loved you and could not get enough of you.

No matter how my day was,I would come home and I would have a wide smile on my face  because of you,

You would greet me as if I achieved something,as if I did something great in the day,as if you were waiting all day long just for me.I would never get over how GUTSY you suddenly became when there were bigger dogs around as if you were trying to say that with me by your side you would always be okay 🙂

Thankyou for being my friend,we connected in so many levels without words,without the fear and rules of religion.

You never asked me where I came from,what I did,you never worried about the things I worried about and yet you understood,you accepted.

When I came to Bangkok,I had to leave you behind,and you were heart-broken that I had to leave.

I am sorry I had to leave you behind but oh the first welcome you gave me was the best ever,it made me feel so missed,so much love,like I was needed for you..

Thank-you no-one has done that to me before..just accepted me regardless of the things I said,regardless of the fact that I left them behind,regardless that the most I could bring for them when I was home was myself.

I know you won’t be there to welcome me home anymore,but I know what heartwarming welcomes are because of you .Thank-you.

I will miss the times you were so fascinated to hear my voice on skype and ran around to figure out where it was coming from,I will miss laughing at you.I will miss talking to you at nights that were just too long,I will miss making you my audience,I will miss experimenting with you,I will miss combing your cotton soft hair,I will miss your licks and kisses,I will miss sleeping next to you during thunderstorms,I will miss giving showers to you and waiting in the sun till you got sun-dried.

I do not know who will stay up with me to fight my nightmares anymore,I do not know who will be my buddy to steal food from the fridge at night,I do not know who I will share the cookies I stole with anymore but I know no-one can take your place.

You will be the only one Minie,Rae’s little piece of happiness.I will miss you so so sooo much.

Minie,you are the world’s best dog,you never bit anyone and yet everyone was scared of you (regardless of how tiny you were).You were such a clever little Pomeranian who did not give an ef about anything and slept till late.

I will miss your smile (the one you gave me after your treat).

I will miss you so much,I wonder who will stay up till late for me when I am home.

I will miss you barking loudly at people who were mean to me,I will miss you not letting anyone else touch the T.V remote (except for me),I will miss watching you nap while I folded the laundry on weekends,I will miss sneaking you into the kitchen when I cook so that I am not alone,I will miss making the special ‘minie ko bhat” for you.

I am never going to forget how you helped me keep my ideas ,I will never forget how you never judged me for my dreams…even humans can’t do that but you did 🙂

I love you

I love you so so so much

I will miss hugging you

I will miss carrying you in my arms and strolling in the garden to calm down.

I will miss fighting with people who said you were too pampered.

I will miss you so much minie

Please do not forget me

I refuse to let death come between us

Like Mickey you shall live in my heart

forever and always




(p.s- since I did not see you die you are not dead for me,you will always be the fluffy furball spreading happiness in my home ,You will always be my peice of flawless white soft snow that spread all the energy I needed in my life)







DAY 17 (21 letters to whom it may concern 21-17)

Hi MotherIndia

Bollywood drama with feet who is a painter but is stuck in engineering major.

I know you are going to kill me for the photo but I know you love me enough to melt after I give you a lot of kisses and hugs after all you are the first person with whom I am doing the ‘BUIN-ess’

I just wrote to you in order to remind you that you are this beautiful ,creative .talented person whose life can be converted into a movie: into an epic drama filled movie which will beat Dharma productions records any damn time.


jokes aside..for real,you are a very beautiful person,sometimes you do things I do not understand but then it is ok I know you do it out of love.

The thing is bhai you are going to be this successful person who is going to inspire a LOT of people who are like me,who need reminders that to be extra ordinary all you have to do is celebrate being ordinary.

I love you for how you smile even when you have a lot on your plate…you are the best example of exception ,I mean you being 49 kgs have carried the entire world’s weight on your shoulders.. ( do not be this nice babu ).You should also start living for yourself.

You taught me how to just not give an ef in intense situations,to hug people,to enjoy being patient while mehendi is being put in my hands(BTW YOU ARE BRILLIANT WITH MEHENDI DESIGNS),you made me the MAN  and danced in sheila ki jawani ( IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN),you saved me in awkward moments and for all the YOU CAN DO IT moments

Basically the whole 21 letter project thingie is supposed to be sent to anonymous people but then no man you are an exception even here…the world needs to know how amazingly beautiful this 49 kgs brown beauty is.

I know you are gona be bigger than P _ _ _M_N hehe  (I know you just went HAI RAM) at this hehe I love you bhai( your facial expression)

Thankyou for always being there for me,thankyou for keeping me in mind and your heart when I was lost.Thankyou for my first ever nail art,thankyou for ‘How to be beautiful tips’

Thankyou for DHOOM 3 ,thankyou for listening to me all the time I was in Nepal,for the SURPRISE BALLOONS on 27th December ( SOOOO CUTE) for making your home my vacation home hehe for accepting me as family,for making your mother my princess and your sister your own sautan because now I love her too HEHAHAHAHA.

Good times are coming shishter 🙂

We are so totally gona graduate together and show how awesome we really are,also thanks for introducing me to superwoman and being my first model when I got my camera ( you looked fab in all those portraits) thankyou for the random tiffins from home 🙂 for almost making me like Paneer ( I can’t believe I just wrote that), for complimenting on my aloo paratha skills,for being my pole dancer,for being my jawan dewani hahahaha !!


lets make a team and rule all that we need to rule

I know your reaction is cute now do not cry you simple woman



very much


(raeeshaaa kyun yaaar I KNOW hehe)





I just wanted to write to you because I wanted to remind you that you are important and that you should not forget yourself in the process of whatever you are doing.

I know you are doing a lot of things in order to MAKE A NAME..and that you are as lost as a puppy without its mother

but hey baby you have never been good with directions it is okay

you are 21 and you still have not given up on yourself…you have not given in to all the world has said and you clearly do not give a rats ass about what you should be doing according to them…continue….being the rebel you were at 15…continue being yourself..the journey has always been a bit challenging but you are an adventurous person ….so WOHOO good for you 🙂

I am so glad that at 21 you already almost know what you should to live as yourself untill you are 100..and you have accepted all that you need to in order to live a content life…I like how its not about money and cars…its directly about rolls royce and swan lakes… you confusing little bundle

Sometimes you feel like you are not doing much…because you do not see the results but then always remember what Maa said…its not about the result its about how much you put in and how much it made you grow

I am very happy that you accepted your scars and your flaws….and that the first thing you usually tell people you do not know include the fact that you are clumsy and loud at awkward moments and also shy…that way people who cannot handle you leave and your weakness becomes your strength

I do not know who taught you to make your weakness your strength…to be free from the past so much that no one can actually do anything about it now and that you are your own queen.without the tiara but all the power you need to conquer the world.

I like how you do not care about’ fitting in’ in the society and yet you are trying to give back…and also at the same time you know you do not have much to offer because you  have not even started yet.

You need to understand that the world will go on without you.It was here first and that it will always last…you are tiny but what you write might just make someone else’s world a bit better.

You do not need to change it…that it will always be the way it has been..all you need to do is let people be and make a few strangers less strange…and that means you continue writing…I know you do not get much support from your loved ones but hey they will eventually understand how powerful you feel because you write.

Not the kind of power that triggers greed..but the kind of power that makes people warm…that makes people respect humanity more

Rae…its okay that you are not what you thought you would be at 15

Actually you are me I have seen you,you handled yourself pretty well in intense situations.. with a lot of simplicity and grace and a smile even if you had plastered a forced smile…it still brightened up people’s days and yes now that forced smile is sincere 🙂 (SLOW CLAP FOR ACHEIVEMENT)

I like how you do not give an ef to those people who tried to make things difficult for you..actually you just decided that you do not have time for hatred…a light forgiving soul you have become…. 🙂 (proud of you)

I like how you realised that the most heavy baggages you carry are not the ones other people can see…are not carried on the shoulder but inside your heart…and you know what I tell you it is great that you are letting go of that heaviness with each passing day.. 🙂 I like how you are appreciating everything you are becoming and being so disconnected with people and connecting at the same time.

This letter that I am writing to you is not because you are vain but I just needed to remind you that you love yourself..

The past few days you have been feeling a bit too fragile and a bit too out of place..just a reminder that I am here and that you are not alone.

I find it really cool how you promised yourself that everyone else who comes and goes will be complementing your life and your existence and shall never complete you…that you shall be your whole…that you shall be your own… (too cool)


and about your choices….always choose the one that makes you feels more than the one that tells you what you want to hear…this is as much clear as I can be I think this is already wise

I love you

I will never give up on you

I will always be your friend

I will always make sure that you are complete