The four letter charm

Those tiny four letter words They been killing women all over the world             D-I-e-t              u-g-l-y              f-l-a-b              l-o-v-e

what it was

You were not my escape You were not my excuse You were my reason but it does not matter anymore

rain and realization

I have placed you in places Places where My Gods don’t reach I have learnt things from you things no one can ever teach And maybe because you were more than God to me I expected you to take care of me while unmasked But I forgot to remind myself that just like God You…

guitar strumming in an office cubicle

the world will always remember us as lovers lovers who wrote for each other on each other but only I know that you wrote about me on a notebook you barely used with a pencil words unclear fading with each moment passing by And that I tattooed you on my skin words clear visible whenever…


Tomorrow has lost its meaning I wish I had someone to blame for that

camera angle

I would breath in my stomach and face the camera from my ‘right’ hair side I would not show my flabby arms and hide behind fake teeth less smiles You see I am used to not getting jokes I am used to people laughing around me I just don’t want to miss your joke too…

Happy birthday

The reason I forgot you Even though I never thought I would Is because you left me in the dark And nothing particular Reminded me of you When I walked in the light