why are you doing this?

because it keeps me alive

what do you do for a living?

something else.


. I still wish it was you besides my bed instead of him. I still post  my pictures publicly in hopes that you see them. I still  yearn for your touch. I still miss the color of my cheeks only you could bring out I still  sigh would I be this person? if you had…

what they don’t know

They ask me to hear the world to fear the world tik tok  tik tok it’s supposed to be a reminder ‘not much of you is left’ I ask them to leave me alone. They tell me not much of me is right I  really do not care I fancy creating shapes in shadows I…


I have been holding lit cigarettes between my fingers hoping to feel the burnt of my heart in my lungs I  have been trying to forget the smell that lingers hoping to forget how heavenly you felt in my toungue I have been walking leaving a trial of ashes behind wherever I go hoping that…

Back and forth

Some of us Have more past than future Noone knows If that’s fortunate Or less.


I aim my smile at you I miss it every time…. you look away not knowing you have missed a bullet you aim your eyes at no one in particular I wish it was me all the time you stand there unaware that your eyes are guns

The Process

I will buy a piece of land Build a concrete box over it Look for my freedom there and call it ‘mine’ I will exchange my dreams For fake appreciation and a lot of dime I will refuse to believe in stars let everyone know that it’s just expensive stones that shine I will put…