The Process

I will buy a piece of land

Build a concrete box over it

Look for my freedom there

and call it ‘mine’

I will exchange my dreams

For fake appreciation

and a lot of dime

I will refuse to believe in stars

let everyone know

that it’s just expensive stones that shine

I will put my heart and soul in the ‘process’

and look for myself some place else

Just to realise

That  I have been defeated by time

because in this world where everyone should be the same

Being different

is a crime

2 Comments Add yours

  1. FAN!!!!! says:

    (SUPER APPLAUSE) Wo0o0o0oho0o0o0o0o

  2. asim says:

    DD you are back after so long ! missed you Sooooooo much ! i even called you at your work place once and they said you were not available then. i missed you kati ho kati.. used to read those old posts of yours and tried to fill up the void in the life. i wanted to call you and ask why you stopped writing . On your birthday, i called at your former work place and they said that you were not present that day . Could not even wish you happy birthday. Called at Ullens quite a few times aswell , but to no avail. i hope you are doing good .:) 🙂 miss you sooooooooooo much.

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