Chapter 16 :Game of thrones..Anderson Cooper and Earth Day

I am 22 years old and I do not care at all about the fact that Anderson Cooper is gay…..his choices does not make him any less charming…he is still fine as fuck and watching him just makes my day.Gay,Lesbian,Straight or whatever…a human being is a human being…and there is nothing in the world…no amount of degrees…money ….or religion that makes a human being superior than another human being….they are just not made that way….AGREED that they are different come in different shapes,sizes and colors and sometimes are more fragile than anything that ever existed….but nope this does not mean someone is superior than the other one…I just refuse to believe that.

I am 22 years old and I do not know much about the world but I know this much that the world does not need to fit into my perception…it can be whatever it is and whoever it wants to be regardless of what I feel or think about it because even though I live somewhere in the world….I have no right to claim it is mine and it should move according to my understanding…

I am 22 years old and I think Earth Day is crap and so is series obsession….for now I know that the most ”in” thing is Game Of thrones…like come on….if you CARE about the earth…stop being an ass  and actually always care about it….do not just specify a day and not give a shit about it for the rest of the year…and to be honest I can’t do much for the earth…all I can do is cram into public transportation or walk…waste as little as possible…make sure not to use too much chemicals…not waste water….and make sure that people I meet feel colors when they see me….this is the most I can do and I do it regardless it is earth day or monday… and I do not make a fuss about this because this is not as much as I could do…I cant go all organic and vegan and sign for PETA because I still feel for momos and chicken paratha…I tried veganism once…it was nice…until my roommate ordered chicken tikka and I questioned every decision I made in my life…and realised that I was gona die and eventually decay and become soil so its okay to eat chicken cos some day some chicken will be walking all over my dead body not realizing I ate it’s ancestor…that is the circle of life..noone knows where it begins or ends…but there is no escaping once you are a part of it…unless you are a hindu and do a lot of puja and just get mukti like a boss…

and lets get to watching series… is okay to watch it for a bit of refreshment but learn to draw a line….erm your whole existence does not revolve around it …and there is ”outside” and ”hobbies” for a reason….you have a brain and you are given the power of imagination for a reason….you do not need to rely on series to learn about can learn about life from living it…you get my point?

and no you do not have the right to make me feel guity or even try because I do not do conventional things….I already have a mind that works so no thankyou…I would rather not rely on what the mass is doing to belong….only after a looooooooooooooot of shit have I got the strength to stand alone and be fabulous….there is no way in hell am I going to try to fit in the crowd to be fine again…

and I will start a sentence with ‘and’ and not care about grammatical errors…because I was not made for rules…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. definatelyme says:

    and you are awesome and so is game of thrones 😀 so stay awesome

  2. asim says:

    Damn ! this is awesome !.. by the way i am yet to read Game of thrones 😦 i must start it pretty soon.

  3. Sushmita tamagotchi says:

    It’s nice

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