Chapter 15

This is the time I think I am not capable of any human relationship.I am not meant for nothing….because I am nothing.

Things get screwed up easily,and there is no hope of getting better….things just get worse…and just when I think it could not get any worse than that….someone surprises me out of the blue…and tells me I am just being the dumbest ass on earth trying to be hopeful.

My sadness is so obvious that it feels empty while having 5 second laughters….laughters echo more than empty vessels and it hurts…..there is no pavement…no path…no land….nothing…..gravity is doing its job VERY well……black hole seems to exist and all I doing is going under things that I never knew existed before.

I do not look forward to weekdays,weekends,days,nights,birthdays,funerals…nothing….I do not look forward…I do not look…I don’t..I ……


Being angry has become a habit…..I am used to being aggressive and being mad at everything and everyone….I am used to  being frustrated to such an extent that I do not think I deserve a day off….

I wish for the unknown more than people I know….because nothing seems to heal…

this is not a phase….phases dont last for a quarter of a year…….this is my reality…..and i am not supposed to live this.


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  1. asim says:

    whatever happens , happens for a reason. There’s something more beautiful lying ahead of you 🙂 If you start panicking to whom will i look for inspiration ?

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