Sometimes I feel my existence is more invalid than the zebra crossings of Kathmandu’s streets…I work and work and work….I listen I respond…I think of ideas and put efforts…and then I am invisible because taking a half day leave when you are unwell is murdering your career and throwing acid on your career’s face.

The world is cruel but it would not have been if the so called most logical reasoning humans did not run it.I do not know who gave humans the right to run the world…and I do not know who said that they are the best….maybe animals think we suck…because if we did not exist they would be themselves…they would not be breathing corrupted air or be inside cages to be observed.

Whatever this is this too will pass….and one day I will understand why humans run the world…

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  1. asim says:

    Hey d, i am having trouble sending you emails.Apparently your old email address does not work any more. If there is any other possible way to contact you , do let me know ! 🙂

    1. my email works perfectly fine bhai I do not know whats wrong

  2. asim says:

    Well, i have been constantly sending you emails , but you haven’t replied to a single one. The last time you replied to my email was on your Birthday ! Apparently a year ago :(. I have sent you an email today. Just make sure if it has arrived or not. 🙂

    1. i dont know what is wrong there is nothing in my inbox from you….not even in the spams… 😦

  3. asim says:

    raeesha.shrestha .. this is the address hai ?

  4. asim says:

    So, it’s not the problem with the wrong address ! It’s very frustrating to know that you haven’t received a single e-mail of late. Were it a traditional mail, i would have complained it to the post office. Now, with this digital problem i do not know whom should I seek to. 😦 😦 Let me see if i can receive your e-mail or not. Will you send me a trial email at my address; iasimsan ?

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