Chapter 4

Life without the f is a lie

if you know what I mean….yeah without giving a single ef about what is going around I make other people’s lies my truth and create my happiness around a rainbow bubble that does not exist for anyone else but me.

I am so efin done with being a ‘fusro paat’ .In nepali there is no late blooming there is ‘hune biruwa ko chillo paat’ and I am not a biruwa so this does not implement to me.

I do not even know why nepali ukhan tukka needs to be implemented in my life because my Phalano does not have  a specific name and I don’t give a damn what phalano le bhancha…..because phalano does not live my life or work in my black and blue office cubicle and also if phalano’s opinions mattered so much I think you should probably be asking phalano to think for you….I have a brain that functions and  a very strong opinion on things….and I am super proud of that.

There is no right time for bad things to happen because all the time something or the other is happening….so I accept this…and NO I will not listen to your opinion because I can .




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  1. asim says:

    Haha , this was humorous ! Apparently we don’t need Mr/Mrs. Phalono’s brain to decide what we want to do haii ! Ani, We’ve got our own gray matter to decide the things ! And next I soooo much agree with you on this thing of “Hune Biruwa ko Chillo Paat ” We are not Biruwas so ,apparently this does to fit to us ” Man ko Kura bhandinu bhayo ! Thank You !

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