guitar strumming in an office cubicle

the world will always remember us

as lovers

lovers who wrote

for each other
on each other
but only I know
that you wrote about me
on a notebook you barely used
with a pencil
words unclear
fading with each moment passing by
And that I tattooed you on my skin
words clear
visible whenever whoever saw me
regardless of time
or of  anything to be specific
The world will remember us
Do you remember me?

6 Comments Add yours

  1. A very expressive piece with reminiscence and despair. I like it alot!

    1. Thanks 🙂 I appreciate this a lot :*

  2. asim says:

    This for me is your best piece of work till date ! I absolutely loved it !

  3. asim says:

    ani d.. how r u ? i guess you must be in the valley. i missed you soooo muchhh.. Hajur sanga bhet bhako ni one year bhai sakecha.. tha hai napie.. time kati chado bitdo rahecha..looking forward to meet you on my next visit to KTM.( if you wont be flying anywhere ) may be in early march or this summer at late 🙂 ani.. for reminder i still listen to your cover songs.. Ingrid Michaelson’s You and I ani..Colbie Calliot ko pani .

  4. definatelyme says:

    great to enjoy your works after quite some time 🙂

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