rain and realization

I have placed you in places Places where My Gods don’t reach I have learnt things from you things no one can ever teach And maybe because you were more than God to me I expected you to take care of me while unmasked But I forgot to remind myself that just like God You…

guitar strumming in an office cubicle

the world will always remember us as lovers lovers who wrote for each other on each other but only I know that you wrote about me on a notebook you barely used with a pencil words unclear fading with each moment passing by And that I tattooed you on my skin words clear visible whenever…


I have always been blessed to meet new people and listen to their stories.One extraordinary woman I met the other day was Amanda Lindhout, (Google her you won’t regret it).I could see her beaming with life, her grace,her beauty,her aura would never tell us the story she had lived. She was one of the speakers…

summer dresses and slippers

You are the folded page of my favorite book My summer dress My best Look My favorite regret My biggest mistake The best decision I wish I did not make

the worst best thing

while writing this all I can wish is someday I write the best worst thing that happened to me because I am tired of things happening I am tired of things I am tired


I feel like adulthood is a waste of life. I am not done being the curios person who is tired of asking questions I am not ready to know the answers when I do not even know what questions to ask. Being a waste of space and paying taxes is not what I planned to…


Tomorrow has lost its meaning I wish I had someone to blame for that