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  1. maxixmus says:

    hi Raeesha, how u doing?

    1. Hey Sorry for the late reply
      I am good 🙂 how are you?

  2. maxixmus says:

    I thought u weren’t gonna read so I stopped checking and here u are, I think I been better, I feel a lot less.. .pissed off lately, lot peaceful, where did you go man, so hard to find you, why are you so lost my friend, come back to life re k, anyways good to hear from u, I have missed our conversations,although it was myself who acted like a foolish, anywho, try to stay in touch if you can or give me any option contact you,take care god bless

    1. Hey ofcourse I would reply I am not a dumbfuck haha I am just off facebook but you can add me on instagram raeeshashrestha…..I missed your comments ekdamai dherai sachai nai .I finished undergrad and m back in Nepal ,where you at?

  3. maxixmus says:

    I thought weren’t gonna **reply**

  4. maxixmus says:

    Ma ta etai chu yaar June tira one month leave pauchu, Tara Nepal aaunai man chaina, anta feri Instagram download garnu parne bho, let’s see,

    1. I don’t have other social media stuff 😦 sorry

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