The girl who is forgotten

There was a girl who lived

who believed in tomorrow so much

she forgot to live today, everyday

she lived in tomorrow so much

that she always lost today

a new tomorrow would come today

and she would say this was not what she waited for

that she would wait for another day until it was perfect

and that is how she wasted her life

by waiting

for something she was never prepared for

for something she was never really waiting for

6 Comments Add yours

  1. asim says:

    i miss you sooo much d 😦

      1. asim says:

        Nothing much d, its been ages since we last conversed. I miss my daily dose of inspiration from you. I even sent you email , but no response 😦 . How are you ? Are you doing well ? Exam sakiyo ? ani aaile hajur ktm ki bangkok ?

      2. Yeah I am still writing so you can get it from my blog hehe 🙂
        I did not get the email maybe it went to my junk mail or soemthing?
        I am still in Bangkok 🙂
        Thanks for this…stay in touch

  2. Me says:

    Very good, very very good. I made a mistake of not living in the now, came in bit me back on the behind. So lesson learned.

    1. ..making mistakes is the beat way to learn 🙂

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