Candle lit Dinner

When I was a little girl

I used to think

all men who were in love

were astronauts

for all love songs

were about bringing the moon and stars

for their dearly beloved


making lives …

interesting since the beginning

Now I know

men are just men

and that they do not need to be astronauts


if a man brought down the moon for me

the entire world would just


I guess

and there you are


among all the men


just mine

and no-one else’s

telling me

how you would not talk the mainstream

”I will bring you the moon”

telling me

how much of a beautiful candle I am

 how I will be lighting up people’s worlds

How I am the moon to your sky


guess what darling

I refuse to be lighted up

by any other matchstick




26 Comments Add yours

  1. Silver lining says:

    Raeesha Shrestha: I am in love with you, for all intents and purposes 😛 ( I am be an astronauts too, if it assures anything ( 😀 ))

    1. Aaaw I am delighted by your comment birat 🙂
      Kaboom no more shaktiman

  2. Silver lining says:

    can be*

    1. Oh Mr.Shahi you are such a sweetheart

  3. Silver lining says: assured, I am no Mr shahi and You know me (atleast i would like to believe so :D)..the email is just a hoax..i am despicable

    1. Sorry I still have no idea who you are then….

  4. Silver liningwa says:

    So be it that way :D…This is just like “dhan tadan” moment in hindi series where the whole crew face an identity confict. But don’t fret, I shall reveal my name one day :D. As my name says, in this case, even the darkest of names, has a Silver Lining 😛

    1. If u are who u think I am I am gonna slap you for being thia gadha who is playing aile

      1. Silver Lining says:

        Dear unfortunate ex-admiration to the said ex-object of admiration

        Thanks for condescending behaviour. Despite the fact I am ambiguous, I love living my life dancing between the line that separates ego and self respect as I have a huge pile of them. For now, I am an atheist in poetry, as you are god I lost and imagination I have foregone.

        Silver Lining

      2. Omg I just had to rise up early for registration come on !

  5. Silver Lining says:

    If you were to guess my name and if i had given you 100 chances, then we shall be playing the game for the tenth times, still you will not be able to guess who I am.

    1. Mmmm bad at guessing games

  6. Silver Lining says:

    And sorry if I offended you.. I cannot say who I am but I can assure you I am not the person whosoever you are thinking me to be.

  7. Silver Lining says:

    And if this ambiguity offends you, dont worry no further comments from this part of the computer screen 🙂

  8. Silver Lining says:

    Thanks for the “gadha”…so much for being a fan

    1. Im sorry don’t be offended

    2. Isssh if you knew me why would you be offended with the word I use most?

  9. Silver Lining says:

    You are the one who doesn’t know me..I know you well enough to know about your past and present

    1. Is tht not too much to say about anyone?

  10. Silver Lining says:

    Neither you nor I know each other personally like about past and all (though that doesn’t mean we don’t know each other at all)..Don’t fear, I am a magnanimous person(and i definitely don’t sing it)
    You were grovelling, weren’t you?

    1. mmm I was not grovelling 🙂
      I was just curious

  11. Momo says:

    Never got to have my candle lit dinner…:( would it be weird if I did it anyway? 😀

    1. yeah that would be super awkward and weird

  12. Momo says:

    No it wouldn’t, what’s a nice dinner between friends?

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