Prosperity was supposed to arrive

in a suitcase

full of things that could be bought

but then life

people and things in it are never what it is supposed to be


it came with Jack Johnson’s song in the background

with a cup of not so strong milky coffee

cool breeze

and a smile that could kill

It came in a comfy t-shirt

and worn out slippers

with a lot of love

and things money can’t buy

It came with a pocket full of fireworks

and strong arms

things are always better the way they are

than the way they are supposed to be


just like him

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Silver Lining says:

    😛 good one…you made me wait though 😀

    1. I told you I am travelling! 🙂

      1. Silver Lining says:

        yes..i read your earlier comment… still a wait is a wait 😀 😛

      2. Please don’t use 😛
        It annoys me

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