Just like life

It began

with honesty


and hope

sincere eyes

fresh lungs

non-contaminated thoughts

soft palms

clear smooth skin

awe of new things

bright eyes

shy lips


all things

that remain

in the category

of  ”untouched”




when everything looked

just like it did before

without prior notice

or verifications

just like that






5 Comments Add yours

  1. Silver Lining says:


    1. yo sorry for the late reply I was travelling and could not use the internet Nice to meet you Gangadhar!

  2. Mohammad Ak says:

    Life really sucks sometimes, But I’m lucky to have people who make it worth tolerating.

      1. Mohammad Ak says:

        Oh thank god you’re safe, had me worried sick. Not picking up when I call and what not. Ecstatically happy for you.
        Okay let me rephrase: Life is worth living because of them.

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