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  1. Mohammad Ak says:

    Huge applause for the 7 last entries and the picture of this entry…

    1. Hahahahahahha
      Come to bangna tomorrow

  2. Mohammad Ak says:

    Well that’s very sudden and unexpected… What’s going on tomorrow?

    1. Because I won’t be free later …

  3. Mohammad Ak says:

    Ugh, damn damn damn aaaaaah aaaaah aaaaaaaahhhh. I can’t, not tomorrow.

  4. Mohammad Ak says:

    I guess I gotta wait until you get back…:( (You said 17th not 7th, 17th!!! 😦 )

  5. Mohammad Ak says:

    But hey maybe I will still get to see you before you leave. Might just be a wave from afar but who knows…;)

  6. Silver Lining says:

    hahahahahhahaa….its awesomeeeeeeeeee

  7. Silver Lining says:

    and the pic was the show stealer 😀

    1. I know right so cool haha 🙂

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