I will tell you

you are insignificant

I will roll you

inside yourself

set you on fire

so that I can elevate

and then tell you

”you have no control over me”


l will tell you

you are helpless

that you will hold on

with all your life

to that branch

that will let you go anyways

I will show all my flaws

in the things you  do

and make you feel like a mistake

for being JUST a leaf

that could have been money

that could have been inside someone’s cigarette

relieving their stress

that could have been someone’s war zone savior

that could have been a blooming flower’s buddy

that could have been moulded

and dried  to make someone’s comforting tea

that could have just been growing in someone’s indoor plant

that could have been

something fresh inside closed boxes

but NO

you are just a leaf

there are thousands of you out there

there are millions

who are greener than you

and you are special

because you are like me

that believes in the presence

of ”could have been”

 rather that ”dids”

I will  tell you ”you suck”

that you will depend on the season

and the sun and the rain and the wind

 the wind  that will blow you away

And the most you will be

is crispy golden something

that needs to be sweeped off the street

that is just how insignificant you will be


I will hope

with all my heart

You will not listen to me

because I did…

and I do not like what I hear


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mohammad Ak says:

    Yeah still scary no matter how many times I read it…

    1. mmmmm I dont know maybe it was supposed to scare people

  2. Mohammad Ak says:

    Well you’re the brilliant writer, you know best … 🙂 But still liked it a lot, I would seriously go crazy missing you if you had not started this blog.

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