Because she is worth it

Her skin

Her eyes

Her lips

Her smell


Her presence in her absence



never been this heavenly

I have never been happier

for seeing things other people can’t

For her

I would wait

as if a minute was not eternity

as if it was actually a minute

As if I was capable of being less crazy

As if I was not intoxicated by her

as if waiting was not time wasted

but something Wonderful

as If humans would need

anything else than a human to get high

I would wait

for her


as if it was the easiest thing

I have ever done

I would

I just would..


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mohammad AK says:

    I most definitely will, because she is truly and undoubtedly worth it… šŸ™‚

  2. Raee, yo nih kastooooo manparyo malai! Its been days, ali alone feel bhayo ki yei article padhdai baschu mah tah! Love your articles Rae keep on writing. I am sure if you keep on progressing at this rate, someday Shane would be reading your articles! Ani I have been waiting a long time to tell you this hai, your Blog looks so professional and royal k! I love it! Love your writings Raee. Miss you and the conversations we used to have. ~Anonymous Reader S. :p

    1. shivu:- I am so happy that there is something I wrote that keeps you company that is the point of me writing šŸ™‚
      to make people feel less alone..

      I seriously hope what you said comes true and shane koyczan reads what I wrote
      thankyou for the compliment
      means a lot
      I was havin a very tough day today and you saved it

  3. shivesh shrestha says:

    Raee, I still read this whenever I feel alone. It tells me that there’s someone out there and I have to wait… becoz she’s totally worth it. Your old articles still give me companion. Haven’t gone through the new ones but I will soon.
    you are awesome.

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