So …

there is this stranger

that changed

into ”someone”

important in my life

simply because

we shared a playlist

He never asked

about the ghosts

that lived in the lyrics

neither did he mind

about the faraway distances

I travelled without him

He just smiled

He appreciated

He understood

(sighs with a smile)

This someone with a Capital M

Β does not fear

anything dark inside me

maybe because

he knows how to fix light bulbs

He does not mind how I suck at maths

and is my walking calculator

He almost replaced my alarm clock

and has taken up this job of ”being there 24/7”

Β I think I finally found

the one

who makes me believe



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Mohammad Ak says:

    Lucky guy.. πŸ™‚

  2. definatelyme says:

    cant read without a smile πŸ™‚ deligtful

  3. rjnmhrjn says:

    budding love. Live it.

  4. Silver Lining says:

    does that “someone with a capital M” mean something metaphorically that i didn’t get or it just relates with someone whose name starts with “M” (ofcourse first letter of name always capital :D)?
    Btw fix light bulbs part was awesome :p

    1. It relates to someone bhanum na haha

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