#Lesson 25 :Fascination is not synonym to stupidity

”Why do you talk this way?”

”What do you mean talk this way?” 

”I would have respected you more ..”

What do you mean you would have respected me more?”

”You know you talk like an immature little kid when I talk to you personally but in your writings you seem wise.”

”Well…I would rather be respected for what I actually am rather than be respected ”MORE” for what you think of me.”

”Are you offended?”


”Because if you are I mean to tell you I did not intend to,I just told you what I feel.”

Of course I respect what you have to say,but I do not understand how enthusiasm and excitement was placed as a synonym as  immature and stupid.I know that as we grow up we are grow less passionate and are cautious about expressing excitement.

Why would anyone want to have a rigid image of someone just because they write?

I have got this a lot! How I seem as this 100 year old in what I write and how I actually give off this vibe of a 10 year old when I see them in person…but I am the same person…

I personally do not think it is necessary to be limited to just one person,expression requires different emotions and a straight face can be misinterpreted in a lot of ways.

There is nothing wrong in being excited..and there is definitely nothing ”stupid ”in being childish…keeping the child inside you alive is not immaturity it actually takes a lot of courage to be as fascinated with the world as you were when you were a kid.

And you say I am not wise because I get hyper when you talk about ponies and rainbows?

(Nice try but you can keep your mouth shut if your mind is closed)

Just keep it in mind that some words are not synonymous to each other for a reason

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