I would not mind

Being born


loving mud,rain and butterflies

going to school

dreaming of the night for the stars

imagining leaves were money


falling down and being proud of bruises

hitting puberty

being awkward

body changing faster than brain

death of a loved one

People leaving

people loving

broken promises

almost true wishes

fear of the future

saving lives

reading labels to know what I ate

growing old

growing up

catastrophic kisses

tender touches that tamed my soul



Everyone in between that never mattered

everything that did

fifteen again

death at 21

cupcakes that tasted bitter than americano




 I still would not mind

not knowing things I do not know

I still would not mind

the dejavu




I would not mind

to begin myself again

because this time hopefully

one of us

would end it right..

so this time..

I would not mind

being hopeful

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Mohammad Ak says:

    To be a kid and ignorant to the future, that does sound nice… I like the rain.. One of these days you and I are gonna sit and have a long talk about your poems. Would love to pick at that beautiful mind of yours…

    1. You can take my first interview and post it on youtube if you want.. 😀
      come to bangna momo
      we can have vegetarian momos at the nepali place near college and you could make a video
      you in?

  2. Mohammad Ak says:

    Yes, I am so in… Looking forward to that interview…;) (and momo even if it’s not yours)

    1. Yaaay 🙂
      My first interview !!
      Bianka still has my stuff :/

  3. Mohammad Ak says:

    Told you that you would never get it back 🙂

    1. I will next semester for sure 🙂

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