Words from F


That is all you say you are.

I do not know how

to feel about that.

Here I am freaked out

at how fabulous you are

and you say you are just fine…

does this not show how fucked up the world is?

I see flames in your eyes

And you surrender when they say you’re frivolous

here is this atom bomb

ready to explode inside my rib cage

because of your smile

oh what a smile!!!

melting frozen hearts

and there you are

telling me all that I see of you is


8 Comments Add yours

  1. r13r says:

    (:.. wah.. chakala songu-songu..

      1. r13r says:

        ekdam bala ni… gaye yana choye ta words pi woi g.. hehe. chu socheyana chu chu choi kha aale jimta boni ta dai aale guble chu chu kha: ta sike jui changu words na.. guble ‘ohooo..’ guble ‘wah..’ jui.. [guble bhati bhati bujhejui na makhu.. hehe]
        gathe yana choi kha tho macha.. lagejui
        like comment harek ye mayasa kehi kehi bahek apo the bona..
        gmail ye notification wola la dhaya check yana chona..
        khusi lage ju..

  2. r13r says:

    ka.. gana wonu?? ): ):

      1. r13r says:

        bala dhayu ka

  3. Mohammad H. says:

    I oh so love your smile… 🙂

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