i hope

you don’t remember

live like you are new

that is a secret known to few

that memory is just yesterday

and its a crime to live on what happened

rather than to live on

what is happening…

don’t you dare remember

i wish u are alive in moments of now

not in pieces of yesterday..

i hope


am i not too hopeful sometimes?

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  1. fan bhaisakein timro articles ko! this one into my fav as well! Love the way you express.. Guess You are becoming a word artist as well… Shane jastai..
    I am bad with dates tara I think its your birthday..(ho bhane chai) Happy Birthday Raee!
    Miss you and your articles a lot! I hate the fact that you arent on facebook anymore, ani instagram ma ni dekhdina dherai… Want to talk to you lol! I love your articles, especially this one! Keep on writing Keep on Inspiring,,, Always there reading anonymously! 😉

    1. Hi shivu thankyouuuu 🙂 yes hijo mero bday thio 🙂
      Thankyou for the compliments and wishes.. 🙂 I miss you too!!!

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