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  1. asim says:

    dd, haiku ? Wowwwww 🙂 the toughest art and seems like you are already mastering it 🙂

    1. I am?
      Hahaha haina khasai babu im just trying experiment matra garira ho
      How are you?

      1. asim says:

        yes you are 🙂 i am fine d and you 🙂 Exam aako cha ra hajur ko ?

      2. Yes
        Exams chaliracha

      3. Ekta Sharma (@Ekta_Sharma_) says:

        i totally agree with Asim, you are already mastering this art of haiku. i never understood it but through your writing i see it and i understand it and i appreciate it. Brilliant babu

      4. Hey bhai thanks
        Are you not the world’s bestest guliyo

      5. asim says:

        dd, page ko layout khasai man parena..its tougher to browse your posts, 😦

      6. I knoowww I don’t like it either tara not being able to go back to tyo paila ko theme sucks…bleh jhanai ma esto naramro cha k esto technical kura ma…I will try to fix it asap ni hai

  2. asim says:

    : ok, but, dont ruin ur exams 🙂

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