One fine sunday morning

When everything was Normal

no rain no grey clouds

I decided

that the man of my dreams

was my nightmare

Not because

of the way he changed

for he did not

but because of the way

my father saved me

when I was not unsafe

and that is what fathers do

they save you

from the terrible things

you are going to do

and all you can do

when you are saved

is say thank-you and smile

and be Aware

that even if you lived

a thousand deaths

in the last few minutes

it is still

a sunday morning

without rain,

without grey clouds

easy and lazy

but loved

regardless of

what just happened

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Wow, 4 entries in one day. If I only my subjects were even the tiniest bit as interesting as your blog…:)

    1. haha 🙂 I was just bleh too much of studying so yeah

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