Think about it

 If people who no longer breathe inspire me. I say eternity is achievable if not on earth in souls for sure aren’t souls the most alive part of everything  (everyone) and if eternity is achievable so is everything else

the way you feel is the way you see

empty can be empty empty can be infinite empty is as it is until you see it as something (different) so is everything (and everyone) else

The difference between words and women

One’s space defines the other’s devastates one’s space differentiates the other’s deprives one’s space scares the other’s suffices who does what to the other no one will understand for one’s space creates void and the other’s creates value.. and I just sit and wonder what is who?

Sometimes I sit and wonder

If something as simple as words would need space between them to keep their meaning wouldn’t you and I need to stay apart In some way To keep our worth?

they only take away things you let

I thought they took away my faith with them when they left me broken until I figured ”Broken” is the new ”Open” and ‘Open’ is the new alive now…. how can something (someone) who is real enough  not  to be closed not have faith?

let’s be honest

Let’s sit down and evaluate the agony of wait are we all not doing it? All our lives? but I am still trying to figure out what is more painful waiting or waiting without knowing… ?