all that I want in life

to live

to eat

to cook

to celebrate

to accept rain

to dance with thunderstorms

to accept rejection like my friend

to forgive

to be fascinated by


to converse

to click photographs

to dance

to be someone’s home

to sing

to enjoy

to travel

to know

to hug

to be someone’s need

to love

to accomplish 

not to show

but to see

to be someone’s first call

to feel

to understand 

to write

to be out of breath

to appreciate

to acknowledge

to make people feel blessed

to feed

to be grateful

 to express

to give

to grow

to be better

and to continue

not in humans 

but in hearts

not in puzzles and parts

but in conversations with cups

that define art

to live

without the fear of death

without the fear of fading

without the fear of decaying

without the pressure

of not being alive

this is all I want

in life


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Mohammad H. says:


      1. Mohammad H. says:

        All you want to do in life… DOI

      2. DOI? Erm well this is all and also grandkids…I also want grandkids

  2. Mohammad H. says:

    I want to be a grandpa, so I guess that means I kind of want grandkids too…

    1. but seriously testify what?

      1. Mohammad H. says:

        OHHHHHH, my bad, it seems I mixed up testify with another word..:)

      2. Wait what do you mean?

  3. Beautiful person inside out like you, deserves all this that you want and I pray you shall get. 🙂

    1. ❤ thankyou babu
      you beautiful little brown dot that makes my day

  4. Sanjay Bajaj says:

    I wish all your dreams come true!God Bless You

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