h e r e

You live in my yesterday’s mistakes

I live in my now

You live in the fear of give and takes

I live in lift of brows

You live in the escape

I live in ‘Face it till it fears you’

You believe in the man with a cape

I believe in all that is new

You live on the other side

I live on the gardens I plant

You live in the maybes

I live in nothing I can’t


I hope


we will meet

not just greet

but talk

over meals

discuss about the world

discuss about the unclear future

for I do not believe in boundaries

I have been

challenging things a  lot recently




distance and time

I know

we both will be

in peace someday

not in pieces

but then again

you live

in the future

and I live


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mohammad H. says:

    Coming up with new comments about how reat the things you write is hard. But doesn’t mean that I’ll stop trying.You are truly talented and I love reading the things you write. Would have loved to see this in “Raeesha’s Anthology”.This was really good, I really want to know what inspires you to write these sometimes…

    1. How real the things you write is hard ?
      I don’t know this was just random hehe 🙂

      1. Mohammad H. says:

        How great and real the things you write is, don’t make fun of my typo… 😦

      2. Oh no I wasn’t making fun of the typo I was just making sure that is what you meant that is why I had a question mark haha

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