lets learn how to calculate

the area of a parallelogram

add and subtract

divide and multiply


define your grade point average

and your intelligence

based on

everyone’s average

because it is important

because it is what will

get you somewhere in life

calculate and compare

weights and numbers

money made money lost

how much one is worth..

If your  depth was defined

by how much you weigh

and how much you earn

sighs….. that is sadness….

but that is how they measure

and that is how they calculate

the worth of your life

the weight of the soul

the lightest souls are the liveliest

but in numbers they shall be inadequate

because those that are worth measuring

Do not have scales

so darling

lets calculate

how much interest you can pay me

because that is the only way

my value shall increase over time


Im the kind

who is still trying to calculate

the area

I’m occupying

in this world

the weight I have

without gravity

the distance I’m covering

without travelling

but darling

that is not how one calculates

so just calculate

the 3.14

that will help you solve

all the questions in life

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Madsen says:

    Great addition to your Anthology… 🙂

    1. Thankyou so much !

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