I was cold lost unsure I had nothing figured out and then I met you


Be careful of strangers They said They might take you away from yourself but it turns out I should be more careful of my friends

#Lesson 8 :Never feel guilty after failing

At 6th grade the best way to be a ”Better” human being and to be  be ”Good” all I thought I had to do was hand in my homework and get good grades.To follow the instructions the teacher gave me and to have a smile on report card days. Things changed after 6th Grade. I…


Independence locked me instead of setting me free Ignorance saved me instead of letting me grieve Imagination led me to things that were not true Illumination fought darkness instead of setting me on fire Identity I don’t know what it did Because I have none

#Lesson 7: Mothers know it all

” I don’t get it why are women so disrespectful to their husbands these days?” ”But mamu they are just comfortable with each other,they were friends before so you know its okay its not disrespect” ”How is that a logical explanation? Your father is my best friend,I am most comfortable when he is around but…


This might sound a bit  strange but the truth is it is easier for me to be happy for strangers.Also it  is more sincere when I feel sad for them.When I do not know people’s stories it is easier to accept them…. I dont know if this is for everybody but there is something I…