I want to be black

Not the black that scares

not the black that darkens

not the black that ends

Not the black that makes you cold

Not the black that you laugh at

But the black that enhances white

the black that makes gold shine bright

the black that is the base

the black that defines

the black that is infinite

the black that makes the stars shine



not wasted

the black that makes you smile

So the next time sir

If you use the code word dark chocolate cake

to make fun of my friend

because of her skin color

I shall consider you black

Not the significant one
but the one that defines borders
the invisible black line
that divides
a human and a man (with no mind)
You shall be black
the black
that draws walls
ugly and insignificant
you shall be the difference
the distance
as for me I still want to be black
Ain’t no nothing wrong with that

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