It was dark outside
She closed her eyes
With hope to find some light
Inside was cold and grey
Like a lonely, moonless winter night
The fight with herself tore her apart
In pain she found peace
She became a peice of art
Now she is new you may applaud
She is beautiful; broken and flawed
Her soul is glowing
She opened her eyes
You know what came through her eyes?
Sunlight. .

3 Comments Add yours

  1. 🙂 Arko “Her” poems. ramro cha! I’ll keep searching for more 😉

    1. Hey thanks 🙂 hehe
      Means a lot ni keep reading!

  2. sabse dami poem timro padeko haru maddhe, yo poem ma u are the bridge between your inner and outer universe. so does the day fight with the twilight to become a night and become darkness it again changes to day and sun rises dispersing sunlight similar is the the phenomena inside. good poem, good analogy. keep writing

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