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The ”should not”s that can’t be erased

In all the places that exists In this planet and beyond It should not hurt to be a girl  a boy  a woman a man a dreamer a child or … Continue reading

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#Lesson 29 : Don’t make it a big deal

If you are looking for an atlas with feet who can laugh at you (or sometimes with you) kindly contact my serbian best friend…seriously that guy can pass being a … Continue reading

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I will tell you you are insignificant I will roll you inside yourself set you on fire so that I can elevate and then tell you ”you have no control … Continue reading

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Framed Portraits

Sometimes I feel grey like the shades in black and white photographs invisible yet important Ignored yet infinite …..

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The things you make me do

I will google greek yoghurt even if I am not sure if that is from greece I will watch videos on how to lose weight without exercising and be disappointed … Continue reading

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The to do list

Don’t ”over” do it mature people do not do it that way but then again who says it is applicable in love?

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Ha-Ha -Ha so relatable! this is totally why I am single and you know what? I am so happy about it I am so damn happy about it That every … Continue reading

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