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Young and Naive

”You need to start valuing gold and silver You don’t know what it is worth” when I was young gold came inside purple silver came inside red I did not … Continue reading

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sharp questions

An albino lion is known for its rareness for how beautiful it is it’s disease is made invisible by visual pleasure An albino elephant is considered lucky for its uniqueness … Continue reading

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eighteen till eternity

all the zeros behind  me started making sense when you stood before me simply because You are My One

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camera angle

I would breath in my stomach and face the camera from my ‘right’ hair side I would not show my flabby arms and hide behind fake teeth less smiles You … Continue reading

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Minnie mouse pillows

I checked my email a zillion times that day hoping he had replied I threw away my chocolate tray I could not accept I was denied How would he leave … Continue reading

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rotten bananas and flu

the special kind of misery she lives for the unique everlasting melancholy became the thing she would kill for for now she was her own enemy women like this are … Continue reading

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advice from an almost cat lady

it started without a reason it became my reason and the thing that shattered me the most is that it ended without a reason just like how it started I … Continue reading

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