Raeesha Shrestha

stuffs on my mind

with all the energy I have

I do not blame you for anything that happened but I do not forgive you either

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time did as much as I did not it was all time….. It was never you or me

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Everything happens for a reason.

What I am now is the consequence of what we could not be.

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It feels amazing to be an outsider Maybe for the acknowledgement I should eat more and become wider I can wear the same sweater 5 days in a row and … Continue reading

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I want my money back

Metaphor and Equator have nothing in common except for the ”or” in the end Being a coward and Being you has nothing in common except the fact that you both … Continue reading

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I hate the society for all it has to say for all it thinks that I do wrong for all the uncomfortable nights and heart numbing days I hate it … Continue reading

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She is beautiful She is art She is fat She is grey She is a slut I mean how can she be celebrating her body When she has so much … Continue reading

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I look at your photos to fill in your vacancy Your absence is a proof that pain of certain tragedies are to hurt forever ┬áso much so that even time … Continue reading

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#Lesson36 : Say Thankyou …and then say it a little more sincerly

In grade 3 I was in my value education class early in the morning and I was sad because I had missed my favorite tv.show the night before because my … Continue reading

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YOU You are the ”u” in beauty that makes life amazing. You are the ”o” in wonderful that makes the world round and by round I mean something with a … Continue reading

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Perfection with feet

You make us look so gorgeous You 5 feet something walking perfection You make me look like I was always supposed to fit in and make sense and complete the … Continue reading

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