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The Process

I will buy a piece of land Build a concrete box over it Look for my freedom there and call it ‘mine’ I will exchange my dreams For fake appreciation … Continue reading

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Chapter 16 :Game of thrones..Anderson Cooper and Earth Day

I am 22 years old and I do not care at all about the fact that Anderson Cooper is gay…..his choices does not make him any less charming…he is still … Continue reading

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Of course you are flawless No doubt about that Because You are not human to begin with

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Why I never want a husband like Ram

If you are wondering who Ram is you are not Hindu….Ram is the  man of Hindus he is THE MAN Noone can be manlier than Ram ever!!! Like what hasn’t … Continue reading

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why dont you deal with it?

she ties infinity in her head like hair strands with a rubber band that almost puts things to place she knows they only know what you reveal yet does not … Continue reading

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Chapter 15

This is the time I think I am not capable of any human relationship.I am not meant for nothing….because I am nothing. Things get screwed up easily,and there is no … Continue reading

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You tell me not to spread my legs if I do  end up being  something wrong I don’t even ‘do’ something wrong I am ”wrong” but if I dont How … Continue reading

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chapter 12

I miss my freinds.I miss myself when I was with them.I miss being stupid and positive….I miss smiling and everything in between.I used to laugh with my roommate till my … Continue reading

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slow typing in a dark room

I wish the darkness inspired me to be the moon or even a firefly would be more than fine but I am surrounded by so much of it that I … Continue reading

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Whatever you say is ”fairly valid” whatever I feel is not Whatever I have I need to ”let go” and whatever you say … comes with a full stop.

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When it started…there was no need for it everything that happened came naturally…without explanations or reasons or anything valid We did not start for anything.. we just started…just like that….knowing … Continue reading

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It takes less than Rs 20 for me to cover the distance that transforms me from Tukku to Digital Marketing Manager whose designation is a communications assistant  because a fresh … Continue reading

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The reason I write is because it is my religion…this is how I pray…this is how my prayers are answered….this is how God exists for me and this is how … Continue reading

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Aastha Tamang Maskey’s songs have been saving me for the past few days and  she is not even aware of  how she is changing my life :) That is the … Continue reading

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I am 22 years old and I am having a major quarter life crisis.I am not ashamed to admit this and by no way does this mean I am losing … Continue reading

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what it was

You were not my escape You were not my excuse You were my reason but it does not matter anymore

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I slept with my secrets and woke up with them.. No one else knew what was going on, noone knew I was drowning they thought I was enjoying the waves … Continue reading

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Similarities in differences

The story of how we met makes me believe in destiny and a statement that my grandma made . I refused to beleive her at that time because I was … Continue reading

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