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Candle lit Dinner

When I was a little girl I used to think all men who were in love were astronauts for all love songs were about bringing the moon and stars for … Continue reading

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I am sure I need you..

Nothing feels as good as you do on my skin Nothing fills up the light like you do in my being I would give up everyone I have ever been … Continue reading

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Note to self

All it took me to travel back in time was a see through orange candy wrapper that had been my childhood’s sweet memory and they said ”time travelling is impossible” … Continue reading

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There is no way in hell I would want to marry you out of circumstance and not choice..but then again you are the only one I see in my imaginary … Continue reading

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The thing is, you are not blind and your eyes are not your phone. People will not die if you do not tell them what they can’t see and you … Continue reading

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stalker alert

  By now I know all the t-shirts you have  your favorite shades and your favorite colors by heart sadly You don’t even know I exist    

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  Love… so…. this is how a girl turns into confetti even if she is a rainbow she is in pieces..   breathtakingly beautiful moment  when she spreads all over … Continue reading

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