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Ha-Ha -Ha so relatable! this is totally why I am single and you know what? I am so happy about it I am so damn happy about it That every … Continue reading

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Because she is worth it

Her skin Her eyes Her lips Her smell HER… Her presence in her absence Hallucination has never been this heavenly I have never been happier for seeing things other people … Continue reading

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Of course

I would not know Of course I would not How would I? I was never you!

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This is for you

Dear You Please know You are Your own clarity Do not be confused with the ”Should be”s and ”reality” The tomorrow  that could not wait until you were ready   … Continue reading

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So … there is this stranger that changed into ”someone” important in my life simply because we shared a playlist He never asked about the ghosts that lived in the … Continue reading

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#Lesson 27: If you see him in your future son,he is the one

”But how will I know if He is the one?” ,I asked with a question mark in my face.   With kind eyes and patient lips she said,”It is very … Continue reading

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#Lesson 26: Not everyone you lose is a loss

Sometimes when people leave ,they leave you with a heavier baggage than the one you were carrying before. You go around with that baggage hoping that their absence would only … Continue reading

July 20, 2014 · 5 Comments

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