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Why can’t you be normal just once?

Sometimes I wish you were not yourself when you talked to me Just like I am not myself When I am with you Just don’t make me fall out of … Continue reading

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thank god the whole world isn’t blind

You would not hear me Until you would see me And I am kinda happy you are not blind However it depresses me to know that your ears work based … Continue reading

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Drink lemon water to flush out toxin

Sometimes making it through the day is tough I need to rely on candies for sweetness I never know when I have had enough  I don’t know if it’s my … Continue reading

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book pressed flowers

I found dry pressed roses whilst cleaning my book shelf today.It was still as beautiful  regardless of the fact that I forgot about them.Some things are just like that ..they … Continue reading

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no marks

Half a scar ago The freckles on my cheeks were pretty My eczema did not matter neither did my flabby arms before the scar they were invisible After the scar … Continue reading

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makeup remover

I am the winter brittle and cold I do not feel I do not break No one can hurt me No one can rate me I am tough and strong … Continue reading

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Take care

I did not look for reasons when it began I did not look at seasons to change  The  sad part is You did not look for reasons when it ended … Continue reading

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Do not try this at home

She being right here Right next to me  becomes intangible Maybe that is her super power being elsewhere like being right here not everyone of is blessed enough to take … Continue reading

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